Lödige Industries


Maximum comfort for passengers: fully flat and even surface

The Flat Cabin entrance is a special feature of the Lödige Palletless System. Thanks to the fully flat and even surface in the Transfer Cabin, the Transfer Cabin is barrier-free and a driver can experience a higher level of comfort while using the system.


The entrance area has been designed in a way that all hanging elements such as sensor or mechanical elements are located in corners or the ceiling. Since there is no pallet on which the car has to be positioned, no cavity are existing either.

Comfortable way to get in/out of the Transfer Cabin
No car damage during system usage
Barrier-free access
Maximum comfort for people with walking limitations
Smooth entrance into/exit out of the Transfer Cabin
Absence of gaps reduces the risk of items falling down and getting stuck

Function is possible only for palletless system!

  • Automated Car Park System (Aarhus Denmark)

  • Automated Car Park System (Aarhus Denmark)