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Comfortable, fast and safe parking

User's perspective

Parking a car is an integral part of each driver's everyday life. With Lödige car parking solutions, the parking process becomes more comfortable, faster and safer for each user.

A car park system has many more features and advantages for a user that a traditional multi-storey car park does not have:


Fast and intuitive parking process

The parking system stores the car automatically in the system

No need to find a parking space
Fast and efficient parking and retrieval process
Maximum time saving

Understand the process better 


User Guiding System

A screen supports the user to drive the car into position in the cabin and guides through the parking process

Easy and comfortable parking
Fast car positioning
High car security

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Shifting platform

The car will be aligned automatically to the correct position.

Fast and efficient parking process
Easy to park - also for less experienced drivers
No need for the driver to align the car properly
Saving CO2 since engine is switched off

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Easy to access: flat entrance!

Fully flat and even transfer cabin for stumble-free access:

Comfortable entry to/exit from the Transfer Cabin
No car damage during system usage
Barrier-free access

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 Registration and Payment Terminals

Simple to use terminals
State-of-the-art ways to register and pay
Easily comprehensible screen graphics

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