Lödige Industries


User identification and payment process

The payment system and related devices are based on approved and well known standards. Lödige is working together with well-known and long-term proven manufacturers. Identification and payment via mobile applications ("App") is always possible


Identification terminals are used during the car storage which enables the system to find the driver's car upon return. Payment terminals are used to identify the user to the system in order to request the car, pay the parking fee and to initiate a retrieval of car.


Equipped with a large touch screen for user guidance
Identification and payment via mobile applications ("App") is always possible in parallel
Multiple language setting is possible
Simple to use terminals
All various ways of identification and payment can be included
Easily comprehensible signs on the screen
Language bar available to choose language
Ensure usage by persons in wheelchairs
Identification & payment via mobile

Identifiaction and payment possible with all state-of-the-art systems e.g.:

2D barcode reader
NFC- and RFID-reader
Paypass (wireless Credit Card)

As well as with all common systems e.g.:

magnetic strip reader
barcode reader 
credit cards 
chip card (EC-Card) 
card reader
Mifare reader or PIN-Identification (for frequent parkers)
accepts bills and coins


  • Automated Car Park System (Aarhus Denmark)

  • Automated Car Park System (Aarhus Denmark)