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When people and technology meet

The fast and efficient parking process makes sure the car is stored safely and the right car returns to the right person.

As soon as the driver hands over the car, the fully automated car park system from Lödige takes over and stores the vehicle. When the vehicle is requested back, its return is likewise fully automated. 

Process in the Transfer Cabin of the Car Park System


User drives into the Transfer cabin


User answers safety questions


System measures car dimensions

  System starts storage procedure

System performs vehicle identification

  System stores car automatically

Passangers leave Transfer Cabin



 The user drives into the Transfer Cabin directed by a series of graphical instructions of the User Guiding System. It is not necessary to align the car due to the Shifting Platform.

 While entering the cabin, the Car Analysis System is measuring the car dimensions as well as the weight.

 The system performs the number recognition process optionally in case the user loses the ticket. In addition frequent parkers can be recognized and a much faster parking process can be performed.

  All passengers leave the Transfer Cabin. Transfer Cabin has a fully flat entrance and is therefore barrier free and guarantees high comfort.

 The User answers safety questions on the User screen of the ID Terminal.

 As the user leaves, the system starts the automated storage procedure. The duration of this process takes only 40-60 seconds (compared to up to 10 minutes in a traditional car park).

 System will store the car automatically.

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Intuitive process in the Transfer Cabin - also for less experienced drivers
Easy parking process supported by User Guidance System
TÜV-approved technical features for maximum safety
Automated car storage process effortless for the user.

In the parking process, the Transfer Cabin is the key-element where people and technology meet. In order to make the parking process as simple and comfortable as possible the Transfer Cabin has the following functions:

Place for passengers to leave/pick up a car
Guarantees a safe handover of the car to the driver
Guides user during parking
Measures car dimensions
Weighs a car
Identification of a user and the car

Optional functions are:

Number plate recognition to accelerate process for frequent users
Air Condition
Switch illumination on/off when needed to save energy
Taking picture of the car to find car easier in case of ticket is lost
  • Automated Car Park System (Aarhus Denmark)

  • Automated Car Park System (Aarhus Denmark)